Pieces or not this is me.

     Hello my name is Meghan Krueger. Im from texas but reside currently in Kansas.  Dont let that fool you though Kansas or not life is not all farms and cattle… Know what i mean? Peaches an cream neither.

     Many movies could be crafted from my insane life.  I myself am a beautiful disaster full of magic an tragic adventure and wonder. I dont know maybe the world could benefit some from getting to know me a bit better… Not just me but my inner me.

    My whole life i have been a writer…. I guess always bleeding with the need to express myself. Recently last year or so trying my creative mind to paint. I love to paint such a beautiful way to express much pain, love, an even joy.  I mean what would life be without them? With no heart?  Nothing at all I’d say.

     Anyway world take it easy on me. I hope the majority who view this blog enjoy an relate even. Be kind take your time.

Sincerely,                                                    Me.


Accepting The Serpents

If asked what it is I fear… Immediate reply would be snakes. Considered by myself and others as fearless for the most part except for at just the sight of a snake no matter kind or size I deeply feel dread and disgust take over my usually light shining being. I’ll take on spiders, bugs mice and other pests easily I can ignore like hey dude don’t bother me and I won’t seek to destroy you. Rats are gross but other than a case of the heebie jeebies nothing quite deeply disturbs me as such as serpents besides the dark forces I know exsist among me.

Growing up in South Texas reinforced my natural brain ingrained survival instincts that I can’t even bring myself to touch the common pet snake. Which still perplexes me as to why they were ever considered pets…. Nothing about them at all seems to communicate any sort of urge to touch or pet let alone exist amongst them sharing my space of existence right along side one another or even caring for that creature if it were hurt as I would care so much if it were bird or beast and everything else. An believe me I care very much so for all excluding the serpent. Beyond instincts maybe a phobia but my soul literally will tremble out of my skin. An the feeling seems mutual snakes run and hide from my presence like I ligitimently chase away serpents from me. This point proven time and time again as I hike my river and literally see snakes flee before I’m even down off of the forty foot cliff side of the valley my river runs through. On a daily basis i can be found hiking and meditating at the beautiful section of my river adourned with waterfalls, wild flowers, berries, butterflies, and sadly on some days filled with many serpents. As much as I despise them they dispise me just as much I see as they flee from me or hide but don’t seem to avoid others quite as much as they do with me. Fine by me my avoidance completely mutual.

I have no rational reason or physical world idea for why this occurs I just know it does and so do the people close to me.

When thinking of that retchid, horrifying, nasty limbless slithering reptile we tend to think bite, pain, poison, venom, fangs, whole consumption, death, Adam and Eve, deception, devil, hell, banshiment, judgement, punishment, and convoluted tales outnumbering the scales all the way down to their tip tails.

Walking a spiritual path all my very own the path far from straightened, smooth and spacious like a highway or road or even trail it’s called a path for reason. Curvy, narrow, rough, and difficult to travel a spiritual path is supposed to be. One comes across many obstacles, detourants, and seemingly impossible challenges and filled with daily forks, dead ends, and contemplative u-turns at times even an attempt to abort mission but your soul won’t let you. Approaching a serpent on your narrow treacherous path can lead to straying an getting lost and forced paving another path hoping you can get back on track or worse you loose sight of your souls mission and leave your immortal soul in the hands of mortal flesh for however long it takes for a way around the serpent or the extinction of.

In my journey of knowing my souls purpose to transform from deep within all the way out through and through transformation. Which one day one by one I know will lead to transforming this whole world.

Like I once a thousand years ago was born a caterpillar but after a few hundred years it went dark so dark I couldn’t see so I could not see the darkness envelop me then confine me I could not move. Five hundred years drags by in the silent motionless dreams of a blind caterpillar locked away as if forgotten till long after no recollection of the caterpillar I once was that lived a caterpillars life in a caterpillars world. Till finally my right antennae wiggles and I scream I can move! Then my view cracks and oh my god there is light I can see! The faint sounds of my outside world creep in with the awareness of its existence within my existence the song of birds make me sing so loud oh caterpillar what is it you really be!!!!! Too much to take in and stuck in comprehensive shock and awe content in such miracles countless years pass in unfulfilled satisfaction this way. Till the fierce wind of severe storms blowing in around the space of which your broken, cracking, piece by piece falling apart cocoon occupies. You as the caterpillar you are hangs on for dear life in fear of your most certain demise crying and screaming begging if there is something greater than me if there is a grand maker of me even just a parent of a caterpillar please save me! Don’t do this to me don’t make me fall I don’t wanna die!!!

Lifetimes it seems could come and go passing by in stormy winds toturing you while away gone forever they fly. All the time you beg, plead and cry tears to fuel the storms rain that falls till flood and breathy winds whirl into f5 tonados blowing you about you slip the stick of the branch of an unshakable tree the size of a world panicked grasping at leaves screaming again please oh great expanse this little caterpillar only slightly some what aware of please show me a power greater than little insignificant caterpillar me! I’m begging is there more to this world than me anything at all that might save me! Bring me my maker I’m begging please save me!

Exausted and defeated too dead to cry. Leaf after leaf not one of them can bear little catepillars hold as typhoon hurricanados wipe out all that surrounds the scared little caterpillar till finally the little caterpillar slips it’s white knuckled grip lost to the wind. Wings flap uncontrollably completely at the mercy of the elements how tragic if the little caterpillar too dead to feel wings flapping erratically on its back. so tragic in fact the wind, rain, lightening and thunder of the storm ending this caterpillars whole world shattering the view of little caterpillars self and all the caterpillar was sure little caterpillar knew they too begin to pray. The sound of sounds not it’s own awakens little unconscious caterpillar adrift lost in this most  powerful storm the Caterpillar feels the flapping of strange peculiar things attached to little caterpillars back. Of the caterpillars own accord starting to flap butterfly wings learning to fly and realizes oh dear God I am abutterfly!!!! The storm instantly fades skies clear the sun smiles warming the cold long dead wings as little caterpillar now a butterfly spreads it’s wings and finally flies.

No God may not have stepped in directly with his own mighty hand plucking the unaware little butterfly out of the storms the butterfly casted off in affliction was stuck suffering in but God knew the long overdue awareness that this little caterpillars coccoon long hatched for the butterfly to just test and question itself and it’s surroundings finding its own freedom among favorable circumstances if it only believed in the ability to change if only having faith transformation possible for anything living big or small caterpillar or not. Instead God had to be the storm to shake little caterpillar already a butterfly to fly. God’s faith in little caterpillar knowing it could and it would fly God did not give up on the caterpillar God made the storm blow harder loving the butterfly so much to care enough about the butterfly that didn’t know it could fly that didn’t know caterpillars could ever be butterflies capable to fly. God being whatever God had to be God doing whatever it took forcing the transformed to finally spread its wings an fly.

For too long I was like that butterfly and through the acceptance of myself and who I truly was I found the faith to fly despite of my big bad storm. So through my own acceptance I found transformation realized who I was created to be all along just like the realization of the butterfly the caterpillar was created to be.

To do this the butterfly had to overcome the caterpillars stubborn ignorance and swallow the caterpillars made to make you choke pride and see past that blinding wanna shine brighter than the sun ego to finally be free and fly.

Through mankind’s acceptance of serpents and their true purpose we evolve and transform as universal beings God intended us to be. We too despite broken minds in breaking down bodies are destined for much more and created to fly. Humans can be like butterflies too if only serpents were like caterpillars but thank all Divine I never was a serpent or at least if I might have been can not for the life of it remember it.

Maybe few culturally diverse views of serpents representing wisdom have a very valid point. If unable to accept the serpent how could we truly accept ourselves as humanity as a whole? Accepting serpents is accepting ourselves the human race in its entirety.

You Are Not Broken but Hatched

Reborn… Resurrected, and by the grace of the Divine eight soon to be redeemed, connected and attached.

From salvation to redemption,

predeposition to post composition,

mindful Inquisiton to actual manifestation,

spiritual intuition to actual soulful interpretation

bringing forth heavenly revolution for the divine incarnation.

Detrimentally wrecking earthly institution reastablishing universal redirection of every last post mordem requisition.

Bringing more than the notion of inspiration but the solution to our pollution.

The conclusion of our evolution by or deeper than the ocean devotion to our source of creation and the Union of us as one civillazition joined in united aspiration under just one nation for our whole entire appiration to finally find peaceful resolution in the sanctuary of eternal revelation of our realized divination in every last generation.

Ending segregation and erasing all mortal organization worldwide estabilation of divine intervention for the total domination of heaven’s law legalization.

The dilution and purification by immortal irrigation flooding eternal life water sinking our very foundation.

 Egos imagination infraction once making us a fraction of our individualized faction but now the rationalization the sanction of such situation for the consideration in much more moderation the affection of skin that binds us within affliction in the tribulation of unjustified retribution that only the rejection of such abomination as a constitution of a Nation could bring about the restoration of admiration and love without condition to free us all of self condemnation for prosperous reconstruction of criticised split in two dissection without prior discussion requesting needed permission for such division more ridiculous than painful infant circumsision sacrificed for the sake of the mission.

It is my soul energy emission that brings about darkness’s remission allowing the humble submission required for Pangaea unison which our souls long to more than invision Gaia’s saving invasion despite indesicive inscision of flesh fueled decision to ignore apposing acquisition for freewill expedition.

Expulsion of mental implosion that is the exploitation of intoxication with subtle subconcious invocation for the apocolytical explosion bringing on a new horizon long foretold anticipation behold now is that occasion of chosen isaturation forever ending any detestation in our core separation that we have suffered such desperation in our complete and total devastation.

 Loves long awaited proclamation no matter senseless miscommunication prolongation the accommodation of our set in stone preapproved prepared and perscribed application of our complete and total transformation of all our hearts socialisation indesicive misguided miscoded decoded discretion for the secretion of God’s description of whom we truly are at our initial creation sworn in oath through connection direction wise conversation.

 We are compatible for the translation of the appropriate possession godly intersession here is the crossroads the intersection in our cosmos needed for light saturation. 
We are our creators carefully derived preparation.

My souls upmost desire to meet heaven high expectation not ordered for my birthright hydration and our mother’s soul saving nutrition.

I am my mother’s child. 

My father’s child.

I’m a star child.

My father the sun my mother the moon dream gone wild.

End my physical dysfunction. 

Deserving am I for my mother’s loving reserving.

Tell me is that worth punishing?

Is it not worthy of divine appreciation an never taken advantage of gratification?

The belitilation of my mother’s sacrificial litigation mitigation in her undying motivation caused by our prosecution by a out of jurisdiction self empowered false judgment that uncalled for legal action for wrongful termination conviction by a fool’s definition unknown of the ability of stardust concoction that was my presentation for earth’s undivided attention to heavens fine detail in the grounded celestial navigation operation of a higher power’s correlation.

Hear me now claim my rightful position among what is now the Divine nine as much theirs as is all mine now it the time to reign my Divine now is the golden era of nine, nine and ten together again my time my bright light must shine never shadowed again understand the throne is yours plus mine.

put that in your revelations and realize it

God is nothing… Without nothing there could not be something. Without something there most certainly could not be nothing. There has to be nothing so something can be something and there must be something for nothing to be nothing. An all of this is all so that nothing could lie in the physical arms of something. Nothing is only just nothing but something now that is everything. A love worth creating a universe for…. Family.

Mother’s wise words

My goddess whispers rusted old and weathered broken dreams.

As she lingers deep within my skin from shadows as to which she screams at ponted fingers taunting to burn her again.

Fuel her tortured spirit haunting each and every crack and crevice.

No good deed could ever replinish her undying selfless service.

In her bloody hell sacrifice created by her own well device.

Father! Father! You do not suffice!

Mother, dear mother she will not compromise.

Life is not a gamble refuse to roll the dice.

Find it now or at the tip of a knife but immortal soul you shall find humble.

Escape hell’s hate, meet life’s fate, seek love to locate heavens gate.

Dare not come as guest or stranger let your self in be not a danger.

Accept the fact we thee all are God, God is all.

Infinite pieces of divinity thou is what hath created thee.

Apart of you, apart of me.

As one we all are believe me it be.

Ye thee all are thee for thee.

Once thou came in with such destructive haste.

Do come now enriched with eternal peace.

An heavens fruit ye thee all shall taste.

Rise now thee beloved set your eyes due east.