Pieces or not this is me.

     Hello my name is Meghan Krueger. Im from texas but reside currently in Kansas.  Dont let that fool you though Kansas or not life is not all farms and cattle… Know what i mean? Peaches an cream neither.

     Many movies could be crafted from my insane life.  I myself am a beautiful disaster full of magic an tragic adventure and wonder. I dont know maybe the world could benefit some from getting to know me a bit better… Not just me but my inner me.

    My whole life i have been a writer…. I guess always bleeding with the need to express myself. Recently last year or so trying my creative mind to paint. I love to paint such a beautiful way to express much pain, love, an even joy.  I mean what would life be without them? With no heart?  Nothing at all I’d say.

     Anyway world take it easy on me. I hope the majority who view this blog enjoy an relate even. Be kind take your time.

Sincerely,                                                    Me.


26 thoughts on “Pieces or not this is me.

  1. my sister is ashamed of me because I am a writer. my mother is not proud of me because I can write. my father wanted me to become an accountant. everyone in the family has always been against me. they never encouraged me. they have never been happy. no one has ever read my books. and I’m very sad about this. the family is sometimes the worst enemy of a writer.


  2. Being able to write – in some form – or be artistic – in some form or play music or dance. when we have a way to express ourselves we end up a little less insane at the end of the decade.

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  3. Hey—you fit right in! Most poets, writers, artists, create from an inner turmoil—many of us have had more than our share of experience and tears! So;;;lay it on us! ay reblog your [posts and help share your beautiful music around the world? 😀


  4. Beautiful painting. I wish I had a talent to express my passion. No I cannot paint. I can’t sing. I wish I could sketch the beautiful tree I see. It will not look anything like it. I do take pictures and make sayings into pictures.
    You are talented

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