Cosmic perception

Riddle me this… Considering the frequence which Hitler’s insistent flatulence occurred… it’s a wander that nobody ever wondered if he was only a passionately speaking pestilent imbilcile merely blowing toxic hot air filled full of fecal matter and methane whose existence really should have been rather mundane. Shot up he was to ego manical power sky high on crystal meth, A dictator chemically dictated by barbiturates, A fool obsessed with war and death. Appointed by the devil to be so sinister committing acts that evil. Note not even German but Australian and more than likely not just human. A disillusioned artist compelled to complete some devilish mission of convoluting the Nations following an alien A. I. tainted agenda amid installing mind control propaganda which would soon be picked up by king prime Minister Mr. President queen communist leader socialist dictator new world order elite. Heil Hitler!

You see… World war one left an impression for world war two to come and break the mold an still you push for one more. Really though might as well hit the big red metaphorical button commencing self destruct mode.

Who knew the Nazi bell would only send us straight to hell, the atomic bomb in the end kills us all, all the day long. Pearl Harbor became America’s own dishonor once little boy and fat man fell, Hiroshima and Nagasaki sacrificed to good ol’ Sheva and Loki to make all living undead an unwell. Create a worldwide deathbed. See you on the other side my friend in infared where fears manifest and hearts exist outside of the chest.

What a travesty a total incomplete long drawn out catastrophe with an over abbreviated apostrophe. Humanity and it’s insufferable stupidity how unbelievably frustrating.

Don’t you know we’ve all gone mad here think otherwise your wrong. Whats real tells lies whats not speaks truth right before our very weary eyes. Weak is strong, strength is meek. left goes right, right goes left. north heads south, south leads north. Go out West hit east, continue due east straight back to West. It’s all Topsy turvy everything so confusing its all so unnerving. Down side up, up side down. Don’t worry soon you shall see what’s really down and who’s actually up. Don’t bother understanding nothing makes any sense there is only nonsense and apocalyptic suspense.

Ask what’s the difference of your indifference and I’ll show you the resistance in your circumstance and still surely your ignorance will persist. Central agency of intelligence are you serious? Please do us all the favor and at ease solider the stars we’re afraid insist.

Id say rule the day had yesterday not have been doomed. Had split atoms not have went boom and kamikaze’s kazoomed but my only wish is to see heaven finally bloom if only allowed the room.

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