D.I.D Disassociative Identity Disorder

I know this woman whose smile lights up the dimmest of rooms. Who goes above and beyond for friends an those she loves. Whom you would never assume parts of her were so gloom and so doom.

Everyday I see her fumble so many of others errands, chores, and struggles that she stumbles as she goes as if running a rat race to please everyone. A race which we all should know can never be won. I watch her embark on all these different endeavors juggling the demmands of others an I wander what is it that drives her to feel the need to fill all these people’s many needs? What about her needs though? Does anyone ever offer her any help? Does she ever think about herself? Is she left to handle hers all alone? If she even gets to focus on any her own?

You would never guess past her bright amazing gorgeous smile with all her kind loving generosity hiding inside her all the while there is a her that feels as though she’s dying.

Alters her life are living.

There is one who don’t just hate her but hates everything and everyone whom sadly is so inconsolable in all her sorrow her weeping never wavering. As well as this raging violent one who’s anger happens to be so fiercely uncontrollable that herself she can’t refrain from beating whether it being physically or mentally. As well as another wishing nothing more than to have loads of fun by any means necessary who can’t resist always loving living life and loving everyone, and then yet one more still who no matter what believes is never clean who swears she is so disgusting despite countless attempts convincing her otherwise does nothing.

I care about her I do… I have tried I most certainly have it’s true but her O.C.D is so demanding and her altered co-conciousness so partiquilarly varied it’s like I never get it right I’m only in the way or I’ll never just get it even if I might.

To know the root cause of such illness could really leave a feeling of deep pain and bitterness contemplating the tragedy of such an atrocity. It dares to expose the devil and just exactly what work against goodness he really does. Because not only her and those who love her robbed of her potentially amazing life changing capability but the world left that much more darkened still with that much less light because the devil knew one day she would be too bright so evil dimmed her shine by adding other faces dividing her light refracting it from other places.

Maybe her mother should have protected her more, maybe goodness could have kept her better guarded you might implore. Or the poor girl could adapt you know humans survive out of their resillence though it’s only due to her unwillingness I’m sure you may dare say. What if then though I said that actually If only humanity would take less delight in all which is evil, acted with more humility and didn’t leave themselves so susceptible to the devil then maybe just maybe long ago good God almighty would have had God’s way already. Sadly untill then though the best of us are torn apart and split in two. This truth undoubtedly breaks my heart…. How about you?

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