Come hither weary wanderer rest awhile if thee wish to hearken an epic tale thus surely if even only for a moment might have thou waiting to exhale. One certainly unlike another rendition of Homer’s Odyssey nor varied replication of the Epic Of Gilgamesh, nor likened to tales of Hercules. Instead a very different tale indeed, the greatest of all stories in all history. No, not one of only tragic an more woe, though also courage and truth surely unfolds as muse use prose to expose this actual factual telling of the ruse that was the Earth’s great deluge.

Long ago in a place and time known only by ones soul lived our original selves up untill the time an ever so fateful event occurred effecting every living thing within the world. Still as of yet incapable to recall exactly what caused our untimely ghastly fall grasping any sort of accuracy. Leaves the mind to wonder what horror could have befallen this explaining the many morbid tales conjured by man’s imaginations to tempted his own temptations, ye might realize what it is thou hears is more than mere wind rustling through leaves but perhaps it be salvation. Indeed what it is thee maybe hearing is faint echoes of ancient truths now mere whispers of once was reminding us something lingers in our mist demanding to be remembered.

Figuring it the reason of our disfigurement most try not to pry yet some steadily ever search committed in their crusade endlessly seeking that hidden till forgotten truth keeping humanity irrevocably hindered. Be it as of yet thy have thus far been succumbed by sorrow completely cumbersome. Thou art would so too become undone as well when ye lost thine own self amidst oblivion. Innumerable centuries carried on this way till the day thy realized movement had ceased low and behold waking from such accoma like sleep thy found thine own self created hell. Trapped within time accursed with a self induced amnesic condition which held thy bound to a sickening chair of forgetfulness.

Thyself among other few lone survivors ventured out upon this mysterious unheard vastness surveying where we had ended up coming to. Still aching from the internal emptiness we began filling the void with lingering memories of what we we’re sure we remembered. Slowly as ground formed with grass at our feet, wind brushing our cheek, and the warmth of the sun upon our skin, no longer we could ignore being afraid. Burdened by the heaviness home might be nevermore resulted in the unintentional inception of this creation known in this modern day world thy must admit now undoubtedly as it twas hells conception.

As we perilously wandered this dense dreary plane alone we pondered hence which it was keeping us so far beneath heaven. Being as such suffering from the lack of remembering it twas not long the initial figuring of if hell twas now where we were forced to dwell then demons and devils we shall be each of us partaking in the inventing of what thee know of as evil. Concealing cleverly disguised levels purposed for the sake of our own hidden agony layer by layer we buried our fatal affliction thickening it when needed so as to ensure the separation from our anguish but to no avail still did we travail. Seemingly reaching a certain precipice of falling into an endless cascading further descent deeper into the darkness where circumventing light concocted nightmarish things, commited unimaginable deeds. Ironically the every bit good thy once were unwillingly transmuted to every bit bad hell bent on the worse.

Verily so one might assume subsequent teemingly countless reincarnations came to pass before becoming aware in the fact that life has this ripple effect quality which locks what made them into an unavoidable cyclical place. The blissful ignorance of anything more than a blink of an eye mere life in the face of eternal existence among all which is soul; oblivious to the fact of being anything beyond skin and bone. As if a type of reset of my essential being goodness slowly that good began surfacing as thy lived and died a few times. Up untill an extraordinary lifetime enflicted such affliction tapping into thine own core reaching deep to ancient hurt and ancient truth. A mystical fire hence burned untill more soul than flesh more spirit than bone. When it seems presumably at it’s darkest is where light is when thou think thou have only finally hit the bottom ye may by taken a look around find thou art at the top. What if taking the time to speculate if thee will the sum of what could be likened to a long timely much drawn out eclipse. The most timely as such an eclipse of the soul.

Generation by generation slowly light

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