Fairy Hell

When left out in the cold facing demons not my own I find there is no click of the heels in ruby red shoes to find your way back so far from home. The scarecrow seemed too quickly disintegrated as the cowardly lion involved slowly dissolved, the tin man only disentangled himself against his rusted never detoured will. Trusting the all knowing wizard of oz to just know to safely defuse an disarm the fortified so toto could dismantle an deface the condemning crystal ball disengaging what held the cursed fate that was a wicked witch’s wish for young Dorothy’s never too late tragic fall from grace.

The Cheshire cat dissipates whatever the smoking caterpillar peacefully secretes. A segregated substance induced chaos ever so slyly seeps within that mad hatter which he madly adores to absorb. He must insure that he alone evaporates the madness disguising all Wonderland’s not so wonderful secrets. The running with time, drop of a dime, stressed out, but dressed up white rabbit continued running late stumbling while he goes choking on bitter sweet memories no one knows as he inhales that all the while Alice takes it all in an forgetfully exhales. Yes I do believe she fears she’s gone mad… Mad from spontaneous combusting outbursts of simultaneous tears and laughter. That Inflating red queens big ugly head with infuriating vengeful fury at the fairytale known as happily ever after.
Just like belle brought beast back to humanity beast took beauty past the brink of insane inhumanity mutating beauty to a monstrous monstrosity. Feasting on beasts till so swollen in agony she succumbs to the elements standing still frozen in the cold she awaits that one lone soul brave enough to hold.
Oh Romeo oh Romeo why for art thou slay thyself Romeo? Fatefully actually ending the life of his sweet ever so fair maiden Juliet. In death no more do young star-crossed lovers ever again do fret. One more moment enduring thou despair an thus thou most wished for happy ending was ours to forever share. oh how love and life can tragically be so unfair.
Bonnie and Clyde y’all two was just sadly mistaken bad to the bone lack to educate. That pretty lil gal Bonnie so ignorantly misled but its best to leave well enough alone and leave sleeping dogs where they lie. Ain’t scared to say it, said it then, and I’ll say it now it’s not ride till you die.. real true love whether in this life or another is forever ride or die.
Now as fate would have it to whom the one that smiled and inspired the troubled. The one that just to save a life her strength would grow doubled. The heart that loved so big till it bursted like a bubble must now be rescued herself. Involuntarily seclusion in desolate desperation searching for her love and committed unconditioned contentment. Whoever gave her that little piece of serenity an proved the dream come true that is serendipity. This has gotta be… It must be life’s cruel punishment for my regretful lack of atonement. No hero awaits to spare her own ultimate untimely spiraling downward catastrophic demise.

How you can save everyone else… could it be you can not save yourself. I realize now wise eyes lie to hide fatal wounds where there lies hurting truth inside cracks and crevices in which heartache looms, below doomed to pieces resides a broken forsaken heart. In the end completely torn apart, limb from limb, bit by bit. On your own whim she suffered till the last minute. Beware if you dare above the sworn tale told of she who be so bold held love beyond its limit.

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