Land of the Lost

0218191526Lost… what would you know about being lost? How could the sun, the moon, and all the stars in the sky posses any knowing of what it would be like to be so far out of place misplaced in the wrong spot fallen from grace??? Ha! Ah me what it would be to be a star! To be found once again restored to ones rightful place up there in thine own piece of heavenly space.

why is it you can guide me oh stars?! How can it be stars are as a map onto me that navigate my way all across the seven seas an all through out the old world and the new but like a leaf lost to the wind i remain so astray among all of you??

Do you not see me as i see you??? Do i not have a divine caring creator out there endlessly searching across the cosmos for me longing to make me as found as the sun the moon and all those gleaming stars?

So high above this dwelling place of mine there must exist god… a divine mother an divine father. Oh how i hope so, my heart so much wills it so. Beyond the furthest reach of my kind they live in such magnificent beauty all this above me seems to be.

Each night i sit down here below in what should feel just like home gazing up at the heavens missing the unknown leaving me convinced as to why i seem left here feeling so incomplete. Looking up to what is so much more than me my mind fills with wander, my heart struck with awe, and my soul seems to tiptoe some invisible threshold of spreading mysterious wings an soar to which it swears it knows is home.

The imagination cant bear any idea it might all be only for a up there so high above me underneath of a pedal stool where the sight it is i so astonishingly behold is nothing more than dazzling lights up there with their noses turned up at me keeping a blind eye towards me too high to look down on me so kept beneath thy feet i be.

Even then still in all my insignificance in which i am i would not be able to refrain myself from continuing to looking up to all of you in all the ways that i do with all the glory, grace, and grandeur such a sight as thee deserve.

Even if it were thy truly wills it so to have me locked out and hidden away from heaven to keep me unseen to all but the moon then fine by me least a soul companion such the moon exists beside me. This much is certain for that much i could not help but be grateful for although doomed to heartache cast out of heaven suffering existence so far from thee distant from all meaning i was once i meant to be.

Fact is i know i am merely human i know this dense flesh not even the brightest of light out there could ever hope to illuminate which also holds no more beauty than a beast. Bound in blood i am. imprisoned by senses i be. Sealed within skin i were. Yet one fact remains, within me lies an inextinguishable spark that relentlessly continues to burst into fire. The effort of such a spark to flame so bright to cause flesh and bone to glow never ceases to amaze in all the many attempts for recognized resemblance endlessly spending eternity trying to attain.

How some men could stand before this vast expanse and actually conceive the thought that this is all for men is much a thought i can not grasp. Dear me if there really exists a power more than me out there that seeks to know whats become of this place within my lost bit of space i have come to exist know some human beings are finally wise enough to know not all that exists is simply only for men.

All that there is simply is for everything…. for everything to be more than only nothing, so that nothing can actually really be something, an that something gets to be everything.

An that my fellow beings is infinite now how can you not see a grand design in that?


12 thoughts on “Land of the Lost

  1. If you find yourself face down, turn over and face up. You’ll see the stars and star shine no matter the time of day. Instead of the terrain the map above guides those below and we find our way. Basking in the universe’s glowing radiance we are insignificant and so too, our worries and our own selves seem far less heavy knowing we are a mere albeit important blip on the intergalactic radar screen.

    Yes, we must all find ourselves under a blanket of stars, snuggled all together in the comfort of our place in the infinite business of the universe.

    How sweet it is.

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  2. Hi ifbatmanwereapoet. What is reality? Thank you for calling by and wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Like all things Paranormal! UFO’s! Conspiracy theories and the truth within! Observing this crazy violent virtual reality society! Great to meet you.#TheFoureyedPoet.


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